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2017-07-02 01:34:51 by GuyWithTheStrawHat

I'm new here and trying to learn this site. I'm GuyWithTheStrawHat, an, what I'd like to call myself, Artist. I started just a few years ago and I'm hoping to get better through displaying online content and adapting to new Art Styles. I try to learn from others critisisms and opinion or just their art in general and I look forward to showing whatever I have to offer. 


DISCLAIMER: If this News thing is not what this is meant for I deeply apologize for mis-understanding it and waisting your time. Like I said, I'm new. 


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2017-07-02 04:06:07

Ye be welcometh, Sir GuyWithTheStrawHat! May thee be wondering about & perhaps continuing on Thy path. -heh.. I just trying to be smart here.. Anyways, in my opinium this site, newgrounds, have been allways fun & all thanks to artist´s such as yours self, who discover and learn skill´s that are beyond of my cababilities.

- Have fun!

(Updated ) GuyWithTheStrawHat responds:

Thank you for helping me understand better. I'll try my best.


2017-07-02 05:49:39

Ahhhh, fresh meat! I mean- Welcome to Newgrounds!

GuyWithTheStrawHat responds:

Heh, Thank you for the welcome.